Passion for Paint: Minakshi De

Minakshi De, Fine Artist (Vero Beach, FL)

Passion for Paint

Minakshi De

Fine Artist (Vero Beach, FL)

Minakshi De is an artist with 16 solo shows, 40 group shows and has been shown in galleries globally including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the United States.  De holds a degree in Fine Arts with an honors distinction from Chittagong University and did her postgraduate studies at the Fashion and Art Institute in Dallas, TX.
Hailing from Bangladesh, Minakshi De traveled from there to India and then on to the United States of America in her artistic search for identity and tradition. This artist is internationally known and many of her shows were held in Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai. This talented artist’s achievements lie in canvas with her skill in colors and lights and achieving a palatable emotion that fills her heart and those viewing her art.
“I am proud of being an artist and the fact that my work is accepted and recognized by my peers and fellow artists,” said De. “I was born in an orthodox and religious family with no particular history in art education that influenced me. However, I remember that when growing up that I was fascinated by the local folk artists and craftsmen that used to come to our house every year during the Durga Puja (noted as one of the most important cultural and religious event for the Bengalis all over the world) to help with the preparations and decorations. I remember being enamored with what they did and joined them in this effort with passion and enthusiasm. This helped me develop my skills and creativity. As a child, my paintings were published in the local children's magazine which gave me a lot of confidence. When I finally decided to pursue art and was accepted in the entrance exam for the Fine Arts, my father was the one that supported and encouraged me.”  
Her journey in life has been marked with many changes and she has resided in many countries including Bangladesh, India and the United States. In her own words, “It has sometimes been unsettling (to move around so often) and has resulted in my restless nature which sometimes is reflected in my paintings.”
If you look at her work, you will most likely be drawn in by her work’s strong emotion. Sometime sadness reigns and other times it is hopefulness. These works don’t leave your heart and keeps your mind busy long after you’ve turned away from the amazing artwork by Minakshi De.
For more information on Minakshi De, please visit her website at

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