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File photo of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) participating in an interview and question-and-answer session with leaders from historically black colleges and universities during a Thurgood Marshall College Fund event at the JW Marriott Feb. 7, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As of now, there are more than 25 Democratic candidates, declared and potential to run for U.S. president. It is hard to keep track because new ones keep announcing their intentions every day.

The mainstream media, pundits, and the pollsters predicted Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald J. Trump in the previous election. Even after winning almost all the primaries, nobody predicted that Trump would be the nominee.

But there was only one pundit, Patrick J. Buchanan, who predicted that Trump would not only win the nomination but also defeat Hillary Clinton. He was right. Now, Buchanan has predicted that Kamala Harris would clinch the nomination of the Democratic Party, long before its nominating convention in August 2020. Another conservative Republican, Ann Coulter, has also predicted that Harris would be the nominee. I would tend to agree with Buchanan that Senator Kamala Harris would most likely be the nominee for the following reasons:

  1. Women represent 52% of the electorate. In the last year’s midterm election, more women than men were elected by the Democratic Party.
  2. Kamala Harris represents the Left of the party. The midterm elected 130 new Democrats, most of them represent the Left, headed by N.Y. state Congresswoman Alexandra O Cortez. Kamala Harris and Alexandria Cortez have developed close political relations to pump out a sizeable support of N.Y. state Democrats. NY state has 39 primary votes.
  3. Until now, the California primary took place at the end of the primary calendar. From next year, the Democratic primary for California will take place in Feb.-March 2020. Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada primaries have a combined total of 10 primary votes, whereas California alone has 55, and NY 39. Therefore, even if Kamala Harris does not lead in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada primaries, after the California primary, she will be the front runner. This will create a boost and momentum for her candidacy. Kamala Harris would continue to win and it will be difficult or impossible for her competitors to catch up with her.
  4. Until now, a big block of approximately over 500 super-delegates were able to influence the outcome of who wins the nomination. Senator Sanders challenged this rule and succeeded in making this rule null and void. This is also to the advantage of Harris.
  5. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has enormous influence and is most likely to support Kamala Harris, being from California.
  6. President Obama has always supported Kamala Harris and his support of Kamala Harris at the right time would contribute to enhancing her candidacy.
  7. Maya Harris is Kamala Harris’s sister and has worked as a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton. Maya Harris is the campaign manager for the campaign of Kamala Harris. Thus, Kamala Harris will start reaping the benefits of Clinton constituencies.
  8. Willy Brown was primarily responsible for electing Kamala Harris as district attorney in San Francisco, California Attorney General and a U.S. Senator from California. Brown and former Governor Jerry Brown have enormous influence in the California Democratic machine. This will enable Kamala Harris to get the lion’s share of 55 California primary votes.
  9. Kamala Harris’s father is Jamaican and her mother a Hindu from Chennai, India, making her an Asian American. Thus, Kamala Harris will get the support of both African Americans and Asian Americans.
  10. Kamala Harris is an attorney and a prosecutor. She is professionally very aggressive and an effective communicator. She displayed these qualities during the hearings for Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh.

Though one should not be predicting long before even the beginning of the primary season, I feel strongly that Senator Kamala Harris has an excellent chance to clinch the nomination of the Democratic Party based on the 10 reasons above. By this time next year, we will be seeing many polls and predictions by the mainstream media.

Last, but not the least, Asian Americans, especially Indian Americans, are more than excited about the candidacy of Kamala Harris. Her Indian first name is a big sell for Indians. Indian Americans are the highest educated and earn the highest income compared to all other ethnic groups. They will be happy when Kamala Harris wins the nomination of her party.

(The author lives in Scarsdale, New York.

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