sunil tolani mothers day

Prince Organization’s Indian American CEO Sunil Tolani shares memories that makes his relationship truly special celebrating Mother's Day with personal reflections that truly celebrate the spirit of motherhood. (photo provided)

Women have found their place in this world and want to encourage others to do the same. Being strong, fearless, and kind happens to be a common thread among women. Many women are making a huge difference because they took and continue to take a bold position to make changes. Women in hospitality at our hotels are on the front lines, essential workers. Guests find comfort in their message of hope and optimism. I’ve been exceedingly lucky to work with some incredibly bright and talented woman who taught me as much as any male counterpart. I learned it better from that most times because of their patience and understanding of how to groom individuals.

My mother has a big heart and, like most mothers, an incredible ability to consistently see the best in her children. Mother instilled in me the values, ethics, character and honor by not just mere talks, but by walking the walk, doing right, doing her best honoring God. I also always remember her telling me to " be a good boy today and a strong, honest man with good character and honor one day and if I focus on my moral compass and really ensure that I do not harm anyone, things will work out," reminding me it's never too late, too early or too often to make this world a better place, and if I did not contribute positively, then I will be waiting to die. She is the one that always reminds me the most valuable asset I would ever have is my reputation and always uphold and protect it.

Mom is a positive role model, goal setter, confidence builder and determined and helps inspire women to pursue their highest visions involving leadership, impact and influence and believes there are no obstacles to their own success. Due to her teachings I encourage all women to be bold, be strong and be heard. dream it, go for it. Mother's dedication inspires us to do more knowing that making the world a better place is a challenge. But it is one they rise to every day. I feel lucky to come from her womb and have not inherited her wealth but inherited her values.

Mom’s TRICK is:






I left India in 1996, at the airport Mom said, “Dream on…. dream until your dream comes true.” In the 27 hours long journey, it is the perfect time for you to dream about day after tomorrow and the future. After all, there is a future for those who dream about it, plan for it and work toward it. It is all about pursuit. Dreams blended with conviction, belief, courage, confidence, and passion are the ingredients necessary to rise and prosper. Success is all about the courage of conviction.

When I became a hotelier in 2007, the lessons I learned from my mom set me on the incredible path my life takes me. With over 80% of my workforce as women, I wanted to share my blessings doing social services. Empowering youths and women with educational and vocational training and humanitarian work on women’s sexual harassment and domestic violence, second chances-prison reform, wage equality for women and LGBT rights.

To all the mothers out there, we say “Thank you” for your courage, dedication, and fierce determination. Mother’s Day reminds me to never forget the important lessons I’ve tried to pass onto my kids: to exercise forgiveness and acceptance, and above all else, to celebrate happiness in the simplest form, appreciate abundance through gratitude, and to love everybody always and Dream on.

Visit with mothers, grandmothers, moms and talk about their dreams, for you filled with hopes, aspirations, wishes, objectives, plans, dreams, dreams, and more dreams all in place to lead you (and yours) to a more fulfilling place and a brighter future. My Mom always says, “Sonny boy, are you enjoying life daily? This is the best option you have.”

I wish you all joy, laughter, and love. Make every day count and create the absolute best memories with the people you love. Wishing you all a loving Mother’s Day weekend. Give them my personal best and I am sending positive thoughts. 

(Sunil Tolani owns and operates blue-chip hotel brands like Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Prince Organization is one of America’s most honored privately-held company in the U.S.)

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