The increasing popularity of PSP or PlayStation Portable devices has encouraged the developers of PSP games to introduce a wide range of games to help people enjoy their fun. But you will have to download PSP ROMs to play these games. Some of the top PSP games are briefly described in this write-up to help you in understanding them more appropriately and yes, do play them at


This PSP game is based on the popular Japanese game Castlevania: Rondo of Blood released in 1993. This game includes the characters of the Rondo and its sequel Terror, both, in an incredible package of vampire slaying. While playing this game, the players play as main characters Alucard and Richet Belmont trying to navigate through dangerous castles and dungeons in order to humiliate Dracula. The excellent updated visuals and soundtrack of the old version and the latest version of this game are equally enjoyable.

2. Legends of BURNOUT

This PSP game is the advanced version of Burmout 3: Takedown in which several new gameplay modes and tracks have been added in its old version to make a more enjoyable high velocity racing game for its fans. It includes modes and tracks liked by the fans of high velocity racing games like Pursuit in which the players are allowed to occupy a Police car to humiliate the racers racing in the streets illegally. This game includes 18 different maps, 95 cars that can be unlocked and 9 types of unique races including popular and new styles to keep you busy for several days at a stretch.


This game is the combination of two old games of God if War - God of War: Chains of Olympus released in 2008 and God of War: Ghost of Sparta released in 2010. Both of these games include cleverly inclusion of control scheme of God of War along with the titles that were visually impressive for gaming fans. In this PSP game you will meet Kratos serving the God of Olympus since 10 years to recue Helios to kill him later on to save the God of Dreams, the Greek pantheon from Morpheus and the queen of underworld, Persephone. After the event of God of War, Kratos is followed by Ghost of Sparta while searching for Deimos, his lost brother, and to fight with Thanotos in his Death area.

4. Emerald Pokemon

This PSP game includes GBA emulator to allow it to be played at Android devices. It is one of the games of Pokemon series with a number of new features to make it more interesting for the players. In order to make it more entertaining sund sequences have been added to it in an appropriate manner. In the primary journey of Pokemon Hoenn some features are added to allow the players battle and exchange without any wired connection.


It is the prequel of FFVII, the original classic PlayStation game, which make its fans feel at home. This real time action game includes Zack Fair as hero, a minor character from FFVII and a member of Soldier who will search for Genesis and Angeal, the missing Soldiers. During this search they come to know about the Shinra Corporation and its truth. Zack receives emails throughout the game to give a sense of engagement and additional context to this real time action game.

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