Dear Voter,

CALTRAIN— a vital lifeline for commuters between San Francisco, the

Peninsula and Silicon Valley — is on the brink of shutting down. It relies

largely on fares, and ridership has plummeted because of the pandemic. But

thousands of essential workers who don't have the luxury of working from

home rely on it every day, and once the pandemic ends commuter demand

for Caltrain services will return.

Measure RR would provide Caltrain with a dedicated funding source, help

provide faster and more frequent trains and ensure it remains an affordable

option for all types of riders. Measure RR will also reduce traffic congestion,

removing thousands of cars from highways every day. Fewer cars on our

roads means less pollution in the air we breathe.

Measure RR is a 1/8 cent sales tax. If approved, it would add a penny to an $8

purchase of gas and generate $108 million annually. It requires 2/3 support

from voters in all three counties—Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco.

If approved, it will last for 30 years and can only be renewed by voter support.

Rescue Caltrain, relieve traffic, reduce pollution.

Vote YES on Measure RR

Committee to Save Caltrain, Yes on Measure RR, sponsored by civic and environmental organizations, a coalition of business, labor and transit advocacy groups. Committee major funding from

Herzog Contracting Corp

John Doerr


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