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Indian American entrepreneur Purnima Nath: “I’m not against any religion, but I’m strongly against extremism, terrorism, and the establishment of superiority.” (photo provided)

Although India and Hindus were attacked for centuries, India maintained a peaceful environment and communal harmony, brilliantly, despite the complexity of being the second most populated country in the world with 1.34 billion people (four times the U.S. population in less-than-one-third of the U.S. land). The recent past has been particularly difficult for the Hindus, Hinduism, and India, as we have witnessed a major effort to defame, divide and weaken India. These questions are bothersome: Why don’t Hindus stand up against blatant lies? Why are U.S. Democrats, UN and western media propagating anti-Hindu, anti-India narratives? Why are the world Muslims promoting hate against India (was any Indian Muslim driven out of India)? Why is the Modi government painted as fascists, genocidal, xenophobic and anti-Muslim?


ONLY country with largest Muslim population outside Muslim-majority countries

Holds 1/3rd of world’s Muslims (10.9%), slightly behind Indonesia (12.7%) and Pakistan (11.1%)

Has over 200 million Muslims

Is a secular country

51 Islamic nations, 0 Hindu, 1 Jewish, rest are Christian and Buddhist, out of 195 countries

Has 21% minority (roughly constant since 1947), but it has dropped from ~27% to 2% in Pakistan and fell from ~23% to 10% in Bangladesh

~10,000 years old sophisticated ancient Hindu civilization (Indus river 'Hindu way of life') is older than Hinduism

Hindus and Hinduism cannot be separated from Hindustan (India)


It is increasingly becoming clear that the massive protests turned ‘Delhi riot’ was highly organized, enormously funded, pre-planned and flawlessly executed with thousands of outsiders (quickly disappeared), and perfectly aligned with President Trump’s India visit to make international news wave against India. However, the media omitted grave details of the brutality on the Hindus. News such as these was omitted – a Hindu Investigative Bureau (IB) officer was stabbed 400 times. A Muslim political leader was arrested for allegedly starting the Delhi riot, IB officer’s murder, Islamic group PFI money laundering charges. A Hindu policeman was murdered during a mob lynching and stone-pelting. Images of burqa-covered women stone-pelting in action were circulated. Muslim rioters bore drill machine into a 19-year Hindu boy; 49 died; civilians and policemen were beaten, lynched, shot, stabbed and killed. Public properties, homes, schools were destroyed. Were Muslims the only ones who got impacted? A 77-day 'Shaheen Bagh anti-CAA' protest ground, primarily attended by Muslim women and children, is left empty soon after Delhi election. Blocking BJP (Modi) in the election was the real victory. An Ivy League group ‘Students Against Hindutva’ has attacked a Hindu festival by arranging 'Holi Against Hindutva' protest with college Democrats of 20-plus U.S. universities. Would an organized effort against Eid, Ramadan, Christmas, Hanukah ever be tolerated?


‘Interconnected’ talking points propagated by U.S. Democrats and organizations are highlighted here. ‘Communal violence targeting Muslims…anti-Muslim violence' ~ Rep. Rashida Tlaib, ‘Threats to human rights' ~ Rep. Alan Lowenthal, ‘Religious intolerance’ ~Rep. Pramila Jayapal, ‘Peaceful protestors’ ~Sen. Elizabeth Warren, ‘Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence’ ~Sen. Bernie Sanders, ‘Right to protest’ ~House Foreign Affairs Committee, ‘Promote all human rights and to conduct necessary advocacy’ ~U.N. High Commissioner, Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, ‘Confront extremist Hindus, stop massacre of Muslims’ ~Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Turkey also pointed fingers at India.


The Modi government has taken stricter measures around border security, illegal immigration, terrorism, extremism, and corruption. Intellects, oppositions, Muslim groups, and media called these anti-Muslim. A 70-year-old saga was resolved in a single stroke that integrated Kashmir with India, with no special privileges. A leader of a local interfaith group phoned me before the IndiaFest Milwaukee last year to hold a ‘solidarity prayer for Kashmiri Muslims’ at the fest. I respectfully clarified that ‘India is the most diverse, peaceful and inclusive country in the world’. The 90s Kashmiri Hindu genocide was completely ignored. Unimpressed, he informed me to expect a protest at IndiaFest (alas!). An age-old dispute of Babri Masjid (Mosque of Mughal Emperor Babur built on a holy site in 1528), was resolved in favor of Hindu Ram Mandir. Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) grants Indian citizenship to persecuted religious minorities (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Christian) who fled from the three Islamic nations (Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) and entered India before December 2014. Why would anyone be against such a ‘humanitarian act’?


Is the U.S. immune to these issues (of India)? President Trump was labeled as anti-Muslim for issuing a travel ban to protect its national interest. SEE THE PATTERN? I’m not against any religion, but I’m strongly against extremism, terrorism, and the establishment of superiority. Clearly, U.S. Democrats have sided with anti-Hindu, anti-India forces. I urge the Hindus of the world, how long will you let the world persecute you?

(Purnima Nath is an Indian American entrepreneur and a community leader who ran for public office in the U.S. She is an engineer, strategy and management consultant and obtained her MBA from Northwestern University. She founded the nonprofit organization, Spindle India, Inc., and created IndiaFest Milwaukee.)

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