The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin-Central Ohio celebrated its 10th annual charity gala at Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio, Sept. 19, a press release reported. This year’s charity event, attended by over 300 participants, was dedicated to raising funds to promote breast and ovarian cancer research and awareness.

Dr. Seema Jain, president of AAPI and a chief guest, began the gala with a speech. Jain noted that there are more than 110,000 doctors and medical students of Indian origin in the United States, emphasizing AAPI's major role in the U.S. health care system. Seeing as one in seven patients, nationally, consults a doctor of Indian origin, their absence would disrupt the health sector, Jain said.

Next, Dr. Gautam Samadder, vice president of AAPI, shared his vision for the organization. Through active participation and leadership at the national level, Samadder hopes to amplify participation among young physicians and medical students, strengthen AAPI’s financial security through profitable corporate sponsorships, and facilitate collegial cooperation between local and state chapters, thus increasing AAPI’s global stature and eminence, and ultimately making healthcare more efficient and effective in the U.S. and India.  

Following the gala, participants moved over to Ohio Theater in Columbus, where they enjoyed a fundraiser concert featuring Sunidhi Chauhan, one of the most decorated playback singers in Bollywood. This was Chauhan’s first time performing in Ohio, and people from all over the state came to listen to their favorite artist perform live. Within half an hour after the concert started, the crowd got up from their seats and took to the dance floor, swaying to the tune of her songs. Both young and old spectators were mesmerized by her. The concert even had to be extended an extra hour to keep up with the crowd’s expectations, according to a press release.

At the end of the show, a private meet-and-greet session was arranged for the sponsors, and Chauhan graciously took photographs with all of them. The concert left a long-lasting impression on everyone who attended, while contributing to AAPI's noble cause and its initiative to raise awareness of breast cancer.

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