Milpitas, Calif. — Bay Area performance arts groups, including vocalists from Gaye Jaa Muskuraye Jaa, won audience applause with their positive theme, wide selection of music and innovative audiovisual displays at the “GJMJ 2015: Positive Minds” concert at the Jain Temple Auditorium April 19.

GJMJ founders Hemant Joglekar, Puja Purandare and Seema Verma worked with other local vocalists and artists, such as Sujata Mudumba and Mohammed Sheeraz, to convey the challenges of day-to-day life, such as the stress of work and family, and the search for motivation and inspiration through the power of music.

The show had an inventive audiovisual aspect that stood out from past musical concerts. Host Joglekar interviewed a GJMJ character on-screen that looked remarkably similar to him. It was interesting to see the two individuals, one real and one on video, in live conversation.

Some of the most crowd-pleasing parts of the show were the performances by the entire team of upbeat Bollywood songs, including “Der Na Ho Jaaye” from the movie “Heena,” “Nimboda” from “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” and “Rang De” from “Thakshak.”

Mudumba, co-host of the event, also created some quotes related to each song performed that really entertained the audience.

Joglekar began the show with a devotional song to Lord Rama, “Ramaji Ki Nikali Sawari,” followed by welcome songs, such as “Aaieeye Meharbaan” sung by Purandare and “Aao Huzoor Tumko” sung by vocalist Ria Nilawar.

The show continued with popular songs from the ’70s and ’80s, such as “Roz Shaam Aati Thi” and “Aap Jaisa Ko,” and progressed to more current music, such as “Teri Ore” and “Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai.”

Though most of the songs were hits spanning from the ’70s to today, the program also featured two popular ghazals — “Choudavi Ki Raat” by Avinash Parab and “Humko Kisi Ke Ghum Ne Mara” by Prasun.

From the family members of the performers who managed the tickets, food and video operation to the sound professionals who elevated the quality of the show even further, the entire crew made it a memorable show that was well appreciated by the audience.

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