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The Times of India recently published “A Doctor’s Diary: Reflections on Health, Healing & Hope,” a user-friendly medical book by Dr. Shuvendu Sen, MD, FACP.

With the belief that awareness often forms the fulcrum of healing, Dr. Sen’s book contains information about awareness and education in relation to overall health.

“A Doctor’s Diary” is a compilation of articles that have appeared in the print and online versions of various newspapers and magazines, including The Times of India, NJ Voices, The Star Ledger, Futures Mysterious Anthology magazine and Home News Tribune, among others.

Most of the articles address the social, emotional and mental aspects of humans in the face of insurmountable challenges. The book also discusses issues that affect society like rape, drug abuse, child deaths and parental fights, which challenge our well-being.

Dr. Sen has written “A Doctor’s Diary” as a guide for people in pursuit of good health.

The book also contains anecdotes about his interactions with his patients.

Dr. Sen is currently the director of Medical Education and associate program director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Raritan Bay Medical Center in New Jersey. He also holds academic appointments with Ross University School of Medicine and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, also in New Jersey.

Dr. Sen, who is a recipient of the New York state senator’s Men of Distinction Award and Oscar Edwards, E. Award from the American College of Physicians, undertakes clinical practice, research and community work.

He also writes health-related columns for NJ Voices (The Star Ledger) and The Times of India.

“A Doctor’s Diary” is available as a Kindle edition.

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