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Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira is set to make her directorial debut onstage in Mumbai. (photo via twitter)

MUMBAI — When Ira Khan was asked about what was the most difficult thing for her while adapting her debut play, she quickly replied.

“The mindset switch was the hardest thing about this play, as it was written in a different era,”  shares Ira Khan on her directorial debut on stage, “Euripides’ Medea.”

Aamir Khan’s daughter is making her debut as a play director with the adaptation of this Greek tragedy. She recently opened up in a media statement on it. “Euripides’ Medea” is about vengeance and murder, and was written approximately in 400 B.C.”

Ira also revealed why she choose this particular play for her debut. “I’ve read Antigone and Ajax by Sophocles, and also, six different translations of Medea, but I chose Euripides’ version because I had something to say through it. It’s a very subtle message and you’d have to watch the play to understand.”

Aiming at producing quality projects, actress Sarika started her own Theatre company with daughter Akshara called NautankiSa Production.

They were already in the midst of developing a Hindi play which is going to be staged next year, when Sarika saw the potential in Ira’s project, the script and great promise in Ira Khan who’s making her debut as a director.

Sarika shares, “I think I have the most talented hard working really sorted director of her generation, on board! And that is so exciting.”

Nautankisa production will be producing Hindi Marathi and English plays, and want to provide a platform for young talent.

‘Euripides’ Medea’ is being directed by Ira Khan and is set to premiere in Mumbai on Dec 7th.

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