Film: ABCD 2

Label: Zee Music

Music: Sachin-Jigar

Lyrics: Mayur Puri, Priya Saraiya, Vishal Dadlani and D. Soldierz

This is a mixed bag of good, bad and mediocre tracks — in other words, it is not a score that could make a true-blue hot musical, the way the earlier film “ABCD” was.

The reasons are clear: one, the same composers, Sachin-Jigar, are hell-bent on doing purer hip-hop and allied genres rather than aiming at Indian tastes beyond the minuscule Gen Y in metros (the dances have a wider appeal, though), and two, every song seems to be calculated in its objectives rather than coming from the heart — even the three good ones. Mayur Puri, who writes most of the lyrics, uses a rich vocabulary, though he does get too esoteric in a couple of songs like “Hey Ganaraya” and excessively contemporary in others.

Our vote goes to “Chunar,” which works very well despite Arijit Singh’s typical mispronunciation of the phonetic ‘ta’ syllable. There are areas where the combination of lyrics and music gives us goose bumps, and this is again experienced in “Vande Mataram,” in which Tanishka Sanghvi and Daler Mehndi, in that order, outshine Divya Kumar and Badshah. “Happy Hour” (Mika Singh) and “Tattoo” (Shefali Alvares) are catchy numbers, though Singh could do with some sharp diction and not make an obsession out of incoherently rolling syllables and taking his success for granted by not improving his singing skills.

“Hey Ganaraya” is sung well by Divya Kumar but the lyrics get too esoteric. Faring better as the only other noteworthy song in this album is the twinkle-toed “O Saathiya,” brilliantly rendered by Priya Saraiya and Divya Kumar and penned by the former.

Though a few songs begin to sound better on repeated listens, this is not the way a musical’s tracks should be. So in that sense, despite an admirable effort to create a combination of rhythm and melody, the score disappoints. While “ABCD” had music that helped the film, with this score, only a few songs work because the film has.

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