Girish Kumar

Girish Kumar plays the role of an idealistic photojournalist in the short film “Collateral Damage.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI—The movie’s fulcrum is hinged upon enduring taboos around menstruation in India. In hindsight, we can also see other prevalent issues like the atrocities a woman has to go through in rural India.

Sharing his thoughts and his experience on working in this short film, Girish Kumar, son of Kumar Taurani, who has not exactly been a successful hero in films, said, “Menstruation is a natural process of the human body. It is time to get rid of those taboos attached to it and treat the issue maturely. This short film has trained the spotlight on the adversities women face in villages with regard to personal hygiene. I feel gratitude on working on such a project that takes up such issues that many still hesitate talking about.”

The movie is about the happening at the gavkars, a temporary place for women to stay in when they are menstruating. A gavkar is nothing but a cowshed. Kumar is seen in the role of an idealistic photojournalist who tries to help a young village girl who escapes the evil hands of the village chief.

Produced by Rahul Chodhary and Kiran Deohans for Candid Creations and directed by Aban Bharucha Deohans, the short film that has been selected for several international festivals and has even got a Special Mention, also stars Nivedita Bhattacharya, Syna Anand, Vaquar Sheikh, Aaryan Menghji.

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