flora saini

Actress Flora Saini. (photo via IANS)

NEW DELHI — It's now over a year since the MeToo movement gave voice to numerous women who have experienced sexual harassment and assault in their lives.

"Stree" fame actress Flora Saini was one of them, who had shared her MeToo story on public domain. She had accused Bollywood producer Gaurang Doshi of physically abusing her.

In an interview to IANS, Flora opened up about the changes she has witnessed in the industry post MeToo movement, revealing how director-actor Farhan Akhtar ensured proper women safety on the sets of his show "Inside Edge.”

"There has been a definite change in the industry post #MeToo movement. Even before the movement, I've been a part of Farhan Akhtar's team, and, trust me, we had pamphlets all around the set saying, 'this is a women work safe area, if there's anything you would like to tell us, please feel free to come to us and we are standing by you'," recalled Flora.

"I think it's a kind of change which is beautiful because we all have women in our lives — mother, sisters, friends — and the least we can do is make the work environment safe for them," she said.

Flora added: "We've just woken up to an entire breed of gentlemen who were always there but somehow we couldn't recognize. Now, these gentlemen are coming to the forefront, and that's the best part. The people who needed to be scared are scared. They'll think twice, maybe because reputation and image are involved. I think that's a beautiful change. Yes, change is definitely happening."

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