Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn in a still from his upcoming film “De De Pyaar De.” The actor told India-West that he just wants to work, and the older one gets, it is better to be busier, or one will go mad. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— It’s almost certain: though Ajay Devgn is always prone to speak less and give short answers, his demeanor gives away the feel he has for a film, whether it will do well or not. There are more smiles, and the carefree and confident vibe is almost tangible as we speak to the superstar in a rapid-fire at the Sun’N’Sand Hotel.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: It’s been a long while since we have seen you in a comedy of any kind as a solo lead.

A (Smiles): Yes, no script interested me.

Q: But you seem to be in your element here.

A: Yes, this is a different kind of humorous film. It’s a very good relationship film and some films shape up very well, you come to know that.

Q: You are also open within the film about your age.

A: My contemporaries are all open, we discuss it very openly. And love stories like these always happen. Anyway, age has nothing to do with love.

Q: At 50 plus, you are still busy.

A: At 50, if I can do what I did at 30, I feel good about it! The older you get, it is better to be busier, or you will go mad! (Smiles) I just want to work. If I take a break, from the third day I do not know what to do!

Q: Back then, 40-plus heroes were accepted as collegians. So is this also to do with audience evolution and realism?

A: Of course. Today, people know that 50 years is nothing, and everyone is health- conscious. And they cannot accept a 40-plus person as playing a college student.

Q: Buzz is that you are playing Ranbir Kapoor’s father in “Turram Khan.”

A: Luv Ranjan is a great writer! I am enjoying all this speculation about the role I am playing. I am not saying anything! (Grins)

Q: Will you act in a web series?

A: I am planning something as a producer. If we have some great role, I might act as well. But nothing is definite yet.

Q: Is it true that you and Ranveer Singh will do cameos in “Sooryavanshi?”

A: That’s the plan. They have to also work on a script that will bring Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and me together as well. Rohit Shetty is planning many things. Let us see what works out.

Q: Kajol and you – when will we see you again together after “Taanaji?”

A: In “Taanaji,” she only has an extended special appearance. She is not doing the film so that we can be seen together. Something good has to work out.

Q: You are also doing Neeraj Pandey’s historical “Chanakya.”

A: Yes, that is in the scripting stage.

Q: Of late, ADF or Ajay Devgn Ffilms is making films and having a VFX division. What else are you planning?

A: We have acquired several theatres. There will be an official launch soon, even though they are running.

Q: Were you prepared for the critics lambasting “Total Dhamaal” that went past the 150-crore mark?

A: Of course, and we laugh at them. From day one, we knew that the critics will either not like the film or not say that they liked it! They are all afraid that people will think they are devoid of sense. But indirectly, we all know that what they are implying is that the world is full of idiots.

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