MUMBAI — They have never had any wars against each other, but they are not exactly on intimate terms either, despite Ajay Devgn marrying Kajol after years of being in a steady relationship — the same Kajol who is Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite and commercially most successful co-star for over 22 years!

Yes, in 2005, Khan co-produced the horror film “Kaal” (which met with indifferent success), in which Devgn headed the cast, while Khan made a cameo in a song, having nothing to do on-screen with the former.

Then came the Rohit Shetty chapter, in which the young director made eight films in a row with close friend Devgn (his father, Veeru, had given the young Shetty a livelihood since his young adulthood after his father, stunt coordinator and actor, passed away). For his ninth film, Shetty directed Khan in his home production “Chennai Express,” giving Khan his biggest grosser and getting his own as well. Then came Shetty’s “Singham Returns” with Devgn, and now the director is making “Dilwaale” for Khan again.

It was in far-off Bulgaria that the seemingly impossible happened — Khan and Devgn dined together, and an alert (or alerted?!) cameraman shot the pic for the Indian press. Khan was shooting there for “Dilwaale” with Kajol, while Devgn was seemingly there to keep Kajol company.

Or was he? The buzz is that today’s biggest success story, Shetty, will bring the two together in his next film, so they might have been cracking a business deal far, far away from prying Mumbai. After all, if he is already on a famous footing with both superstars, why should Shetty not cash in? And Shetty’s at his best when he takes on multiple heroes (“Zameen,” the “Golmaal’ franchise, “All The Best” and “Bol Bachchan”)!

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