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Akshay Kumar’s upcoming films include “Sooryavanshi” and “Bell Bottom.” (publicity photo)

MUMBAI — Akshay Kumar, undoubtedly the current numero uno, has made a media statement after buzz began that his much-anticipated “Sooryavanshi” and “Bell Bottom” are both poised for an Independence Day release.

While two mega-releases with big stars coming up on the same date is not really ideal news trade-wise, what can be worse are two releases of the SAME A-list actor on one day.

Said Kumar in a media release: “I’m humbled at the excitement and eagerness of my fans regarding the release of ‘Sooryavanshi’ and ‘Bell Bottom,’ and want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all their love. However, at this point, it is purely speculative to say that both films will release on Independence Day. The producers of both films are working out the release dates and will make announcements at the right time.”

Rohit Shetty’s “Sooryavanshi” seems jinxed for over a year as it has been ready for release since March 2020. “Bell Bottom,” on the other hand, was shot and completed within last year’s lockdown.

There is also good reason for speculation about Aug. 15. Both films are patriotic dramas. Kumar plays Sooryavanshi, an ATS (anti-terrorist squad) cop, while “Bell Bottom” is an espionage drama. Some of Kumar’s many patriotic films have had Independence Day (or Republic Day) week releases.

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