Actor Akshay Kumar has been adjudged the HT Hottest Trendsetter (Male) while Twinkle Khanna won the HT Most Stylish Author at the HT (Hindustan Times) Most Stylish awards. (YouTube screenshot photo)

MUMBAI— Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are quite easily the cutest yet most stylish couple in showbiz. Akshay was adjudged the HT Hottest Trendsetter (Male) while Twinkle won the HT Most Stylish Author at the HT (Hindustan Times) Most Stylish awards. The couple was asked about influencing each other’s fashion choices, and spilled secrets about each other.

When RJ Stutee Ghosh asked about her husband Akshay Kumar's fashion, Twinkle joked about the number of shoes her husband had, as well as about how many people were there to dress Akshay. Twinkle took down her husband’s style while a ‘flabbergasted’ Akshay tried hard to make her stop spilling the beans!

When asked how much Twinkle influences his styles, Akshay replied, “A 100 percent!” Twinkle disagreed, saying, “Not at all. He has more shoes than me. He’s got pink, green, lilac, dark purple, yellow pants.” Akshay said, “Didn’t you tell me to buy that?” Twinkle replied, “I did, but I didn’t tell you to buy the whole rainbow.”

Twinkle then guessed that Akshay has at least 350 pairs of shoes. “No, no. Tina! This is Hindustan Times awards not gup maarne wala award,” Akshay commented! The two were then asked to reveal who takes longer to get ready., and the answer was quite hilarious.

For more details, watch the complete video.

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