Amyra Dastur

Actress Amyra Dastur’s first Hindi release for the year, “Mental Hai Kya” has now been pushed to late May. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Amyra Dastur, who received praise for her performance in the slice-of-life Rishi Kapoor film on Netflix, “Rajma Chawal,” has quite a busy year ahead with four Hindi releases and two Tamil releases. Her first release, “Mental Hai Kya” has now been pushed to late May.

Apparently, there was patchwork left to be shot, but now we hear that it was to shoot some fresh scenes with Amyra Dastur, who plays Rajkummar Rao’s love interest in the thriller. Both the producers and director felt that the addition of her scenes would help audience relate to the characters played by lead actors Rao and Kangana Ranaut.

Said Dastur, “Working on this set is sort of homecoming for me. (Producer) Shailesh-ji launched me in “Issaq,” so I trust him blindly. If he says I need to shoot more, then so be it. It’s an absolute privilege for me to share screen time with such amazing and fine actors like Kangana ma’am and Raj-sir. Kangana ma’am is someone who inspires me, so being able to act with her, even more, feels amazing.”

She added, “This film is definitely going to shock and awe our audience, especially because I truly feel that no one has seen this side of the cast before.”

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