Kheer Review

Movie still of short film “Kheer” starring Anupam Kher. (YouTube screenshot photo)

Produced by: Chintan Ruparel, Anuj Gosalia and Surya Balkrishnan

Directed by: Surya Balkrishnan

Written by: Sharanya Rajgopal and Surya Balkrishnan

Featuring: Anupam Kher, Natasha Rastogi, Stuti Dixit and Abhimany Chawla

MUMBAI—Anupam Kher is collaborating with Terribly Tiny Talkies, an offshoot of the popular Facebook page Terribly Tiny Tales, for his first short, the sweet near-seven-minute film “Kheer” (to give the nearest English translation – Rice Pudding).

The film shows Kher as “Nanoo” (a grandfather) spending time in a home with a woman (Natasha Rastogi) who criticizes his habit of keeping the house chaotic and is cleaning up his cupboard. Their light banter (he hates her singing and the way she thinks only of money where household issues are concerned) indicate clearly that they are both seeking companionship in old age.

Landing up at the house are Nanoo’s two grandchildren, and the elder one, who apparently likes a boy her age, suspects that this woman she does not know is Nanoo’s girlfriend. Initially averse to the idea of a replacement for her maternal grandma, she is won over by the “kheer’” Nanoo serves her and the fact that he knows somehow about the boy she likes. Someone in love will always empathize with another in love.

Released on Valentine’s Day, the film thus tackles love and relationships right from puberty to the twilight phase and is sensitively written by Sharanya Rajgopal and Surya Balkrishnan, who also directs the film. The children are delightful naturals.

This is a film that can be had for dessert – or even as appetizer and daytime snack. It is nutritious, has calories of talent and can be savored for its rich flavor.

Rating: ***1/2

Watch the shorth film "Kheer" here.

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