101 Asha Bhosle Hits (Shemaroo):

At 82 years old, Asha Bhosle is the world’s most recorded artiste, and this compilation chooses 101 of her Hindi songs within her Shemaroo repertoire. That accounts for less than 1 percent of her total songs, though this is about Hindi films that have the maximum percentage of her total songs.

The great thing about this compilation is the inclusion of rare gems along with her popular hits like “Kaali Ghata Chhayi” (“Sujata”), “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja” (“Caravan”), “Mere Beri Ke Ber” (“Anokhi Raat”) or “Phoolwati Ka Gajraa” (“Krodhi”). The rarer beauties include “Teri Dulhan Hoon” (“Ab Kya Hoga”), “Ho Rom Rom Mein Basnewale Ram” (“Neel Kamal”), “Na Kisika Dil Mujhe Chahiye” (“Naqab”/1989) and “Mujhe Pyar Mein Khat Kisine Likha Hai” (“Hera Pheri”/1976).

That alone makes this collection a delight, for the videos then become additional benefits while listening to the songs. It is 465 minutes of largely great numbers — we can watch this one endlessly!

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It is true very difficult to narrow down a list of best songs of such a prolific legend. I like so many of her songs http://bit.ly/1hPr9mb

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