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Rohit Bhardwaj. (Prashant Golecha photo)

MUMBAI—Rohit Bhardwaj, better known for playing Yudhisthir in “Mahabharat,” feels that the audience is ready to accept new genre and content, but people try to play it safe. He said, “I think the audience is very adaptable when it comes to a new storyline, a new genre, or a new content. This is why so many web series and movie do well.”

“The problem with TV is that people want to play safe, nobody is ready to take the risk. The audience is very intelligent and they want new content,” he goes on. The “Myopia” actor also feels that the content on TV has not changed over the years and added, “We are still stuck with the daily soap format. There are some finite shows, but that’s about it. Daily soaps are very boring for me. In the finite series, you have the option of telling just one story, a character gets life from start to finish and there is the scope for an end that is not there in daily soaps. After a point, all the daily soaps are just dragged.”  

For Bhardwaj, shows on kitchen politics is a big no, and he says, “I will never want to be a part of saas-bahu dramas or shows that only are only women-centric, I feel you need to maintain a balance, and there are shows that are shown from a man’s perspective and they have done well.”

Speaking of shows doing well, the actor also feels that ratings and TRPs are very important. “Ratings get advertisements, advertisements give us money and that is how we earn, so ratings matter. But at the same time, you can experiment too,” Rohit concludes.

Great analysis, bro, but please do comment on two more important things: how kitchen politics stories (admittedly a pain after 20 years) are STILL loved by audiences widely, and two, the tendency to leave stories irritatingly incomplete in cliffhangers in so many of the web originals.

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