bawri chhori

The poster for “Bawri Chhori.” (Publicity photo)

Seriously, who concocts such plots? And do respected stars like Aahana Kumara need to do this merely for Mammon?

London, for starters, has never been shown so depraved. A card does not come out of an ATM machine, the heroine’s bag is stolen, every other person is a crook or weird, and so on. Our protagonist, searching for a deserter husband plans to cut him into small pieces and feed him to the pigs, if you please.

Even the Indians shown, but for her old friend, a cabbie (Vikram Kochhar, good as always) are eccentric. There are long rides and pointless things happening. So what is the end? Are the pigs gonna get their banquet?

Honestly, I did not feeling like writing the review. But it was necessary because of a reason.

Statutory Warning: Watching this one can be seriously damaging to your health.

Rating: 0 stars

Produced by: Mohit Chhabra, Ajay Rai & Sudipto Sarkar

Directed and written by: Abhishek Jaiswal

Music: Karthik Ramalingam

Starring: Aahana Kumra, Niki Walia, Vikram Kochhar, Amerjit Deu, Rumana Molla, Shane Hart, Natasha Powell, Sagar Arya, Sohaila Kapur, Johnny Neal, Andrey Rogozin, Hemant Parekh & others

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