bhumika gurung

Bhumika Gurung. (Concept PR photo)

MUMBAI — Star Bharat’s popular show ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2’ garnered immense popularity and love from its viewers since the launch of its second season in March 2021. Viewers will soon witness intriguing twists and turns as the makers have now roped in Bhumika Gurung to surprise the audience with an interesting twist in the upcoming storyline.

Gurung will dawn the look of a simple girl, Meera, this time. As calm and compassionate as her character, she will be seen alongside the star-cast including Pooja Gor, Arhaan Behll, Anupam Shyam and many more. She will be seen as a new lead that will turn the story over and create suspense and change the storyline of the show.

Said Gurung, "I will be essaying the character of a parallel lead in Meera. My character will affect the relationship between the lead pair, Pratigya (played by Pooja Gor) and Krishna Singh (played by Arhaan Behll). I decided to accept this role because it is like a stroke of good luck in such tough times for any actor.” 

“I could never turn down this opportunity and I feel honored to be working with the renowned Director’s Kut Productions (DPK), Rajan Shahi sir and Pearl Grey ma’am. I feel as if I have returned home with Star Bharat and couldn’t have asked for better timing than this. I am hopeful that my character in the show will do well and keep the audience intrigued and engrossed in the coming days.”

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