Tiger Shroff

According to buzz, Tiger Shroff has had several meetings with Hollywood producer Lawrence Kasanoff, known for the “Mortal Kombat” series. (photo provided)

MUMBAI— Tiger Shroff may be set to take his rippling muscles and death-defying stunts to Hollywood. A Mumbai tabloid, “Mumbai Mirror,” reports that the 28-year-old actor has “caught the eye of a top Hollywood producer, Lawrence (Larry) Kasanoff, who flew to Mumbai over the weekend for a final round of discussions with Tiger for his next big project.”

According to buzz, Shroff has had several meetings with Kasanoff, known as the producer of the “Mortal Kombat” series. Emmy Award-winning writer, Sean Catherine Derek of “Batman” fame series, had also flown to India. Sanjay Grover, son of Gulshan Grover, who has been a part of the project for the last one year, was also present at the meetings.

Reportedly, when Kasanoff had shared the script with Grover, the latter suggested that they bring in a fresh new face and strongly recommended his childhood buddy and schoolmate Shroff to play the lead. The team was impressed with Shroff for his international look, proficiency in Martial Arts and his fan following.

Grover has previously served as director, Special Projects, at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), for over a decade. He has been associated with films like “The Hobbit,” “The Zookeeper” and the James Bond franchise.

Casting an Indian actor in the main lead in a Hollywood film is a first for Kasanoff, and it is believed that Shroff could be fighting Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, in the film.

Kasanoff produces films, TV series and location-based entertainment based on some of the biggest brands, including “Star Wars,” “Lego” and “Star Trek.” As producer and studio head, he has over 250 films to his credit, including “Dirty Dancing” and the Oscar-winning movie, “Platoon.”

And for an Indian actor, that too someone who has put in only five years in the line, this is as big as it gets.

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