Coffee with D Music

Starring Sunil Grover, "Coffee with D" is releasing on Jan. 20. (IANS photo)

"Coffee with D" (Zee Music):

Music: Superbia (Shaan-Gourov-Roshin)

Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan

“Mujhe Din Lagega Bhale Raat Ho / Tumhari Mohabbat Agar Saath Ho”—this simple but deep thought by Sameer Anjaan confirms that this stalwart lyricist who is now into the 25th year of his career has still not lost his spark. The song, rendered by Shaan with Aakanksha Sharma, is average, with a forgettable tune reminiscent of the fadeout days of Nadeem-Shravan.

Sameer is also in form with “The Nation Wants To Know” (sung by Shaan), which has clever verse about all social evils and national indulgences like Selfies and Instagram.

The four-song soundtrack begins with Anu Malik (he must be the gimmickiest singer along with fellow composers like R.D. Burman, Bappi Lahiri and Himesh Reshammiya!) having a ball of a time singing the title-track.

Next up is the qawwali that is quite tepid and disappointing lyrically and musically. The structure and verse of this Shabab Sabri-rendered song have nothing either new or distinguished and even the orchestration reeks and speaks of economic constraints during the recording of the song – the distinctive sound of a qawwali is absent.

The humble soundtrack is an average job by Superbia, a band comprising Shaan, Gourov Dasgupta and Roshin. Thankfully, it is humble, not unbearable or obnoxious.

Rating: 2/5

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