collar bone review

Jimmy Sheirgill seems to have done this film merely to add some pocket-money, and tries to salvage the film with his mere presence. (trailer grab)

At base level, the story is born out of two lies: one told by a senior cop Manoj (Jimmy Sheirgill) and the other by a schoolgirl (name of actress not known) to the cops. From here emerges as sordid tale of revenge and “terrorism” as a suicide bomber named Ali (Sparsh Srivastav) enters a prestigious hill-resort school near Shimla and is armed with a bomb on his collar.

And what is his prime demand? That Manoj, also one of the parents from the school, must commit a series of crimes he suggests so that the bomb on his neck can be defused. The cop agrees, merely to prevent a skeleton to come tumbling out as he is a decorated officer.

Manoj gets his instructions from the anonymous Rita, who instructs him to kill certain people in the town. An anti-terrorist outfit is summoned to the school, but despite everything, cannot do much. There are also sundry other characters, like the commandant of the anti-terror squad, a college maid (Rajshri Deshpande), a wily politician, a couple from which the husband (Vidushi Mehra and Suman Singh) ill-treats their own son (also in the school) and Manoj’s assistant.

The plot gets “absurder” (the viewer is likely to forget things like sense and language) as things progress, and the less said about the complexities of the bomb the better. Suffice to say that there is a Marathi song sung by the maid to the kids, a lullaby that drives the bomber (who does not know Marathi!) to tears.

Jimmy Sheirgill seems to have done this film merely to add some pocket-money, and tries to salvage the film with his mere presence. Making marks are also Asha Negi as a dedicated cop and Ajit Singh Palawat as Manoj’s ex-assistant.

In this whodunit and “howdunit” the real culprit is the script, and the team green-lighting this senselessly ridiculous tale must be held responsible. The director cannot do much, except that he could have salvaged the film with some amount of style to compensate for the substance! Technically, the film is alright, but almost everything else is wrong with it.

At 86 minutes, we realize the tedium well before half the runtime is over.

Rating: *

Disney+Hotstar presents Yoodlee Films’ ‘Collar Bomb’

Produced by: Siddharth Anand Kumar & Vikram Mehra 

Directed by: Dnyanesh Zoting

Written by: Nikhil Nair & Nisarg Mehta      

Music: Anshuman Mukherjee

Starring: Jimmy Sheirgill, Asha Negi, Sparsh Srivastav, Rajshri Deshpande,  Ajit Singh Palawat, Naman Jain, Ajay Purkar, Shashi Bhushan, Ambarish Deshpande, Vidushi Mehra, Suman Singh & others

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