Ali Abbas Bharat

Ali Abbas Zafar has penned a song and set it to tune for his upcoming film “Bharat” starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—“Bharat” writer-director Ali Abbas Zafar is making his debut as a lyricist and a composer with the upcoming song “Zinda,” which is also the film’s anthem. The director has penned the song and set it to tune along with Julius Packiam, who has also worked on the background score for the period drama. Incidentally, Packiam, a favorite with Zafar and many others, had also composed a song in Zafar’s “Tiger Zinda Hai” as a part of the background score, and earlier in “Dhoom:3.”

Talking about his first-time experience as a lyricist and composer, Zafar said, “It was originally a poem that I had written while scripting the film. The idea stems from Bharat’s journey through seven decades as he endeavors to keep the promise he made to his father. “The core message of the film is that belief and conviction keep you alive,” said Zafar.

He revealed that the track plays during the most vulnerable moments when Bharat is on a high or has hit a low. “It is an uplifting track and infuses him with the strength of purpose,” said Ali. It is sung by Vishal Dadlani, who with Shekhar as Vishal-Shekhar has collaborated on remaining songs. “We composed it keeping Vishal’s voice in mind. It’s powerful and grungy,” said the director.

On what Khan thinks about it, Zafar said, “Bhai doesn’t know yet, as we don’t share these small details. He knows I keep doing something or the other. But this time, I think he will be surprised. Of course, he’ll pull my leg, saying, ‘So now, you’ve starting writing songs too, now you will ask for an extra check!’ That’s the kind of bond we share.”

The film traces India’s post-independence history and will have a half-a-dozen songs celebrating the different festivals and the spirit of its leading man.

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