Disha Patani

Bollywood actress Disha Patani (right) with Khushooma Kapadia, Area Director Marketing, Marriott International. Patani has been appointed the Well-Being ambassador for Westin. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—Through a three-part video series, guests will get a glimpse at how Disha Patani keeps her wellness routine while she is on the road. On Jun. 12, Westin Hotels & Resorts introduced Patani as the newest Westin Well-Being Brand Advocate in Asia-Pacific. As a part of her new role, Disha will create a three-part video series, helping guests envision an enhanced concept of wellness, especially when on the move.

The video series will be available on the YouTube page of Westin Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International Asia-Pacific. This announcement follows on the heels of Westin’s “Let’s Rise” global campaign, which addresses the distractions and unpredictability of travel – empowering people to regain control of their well-being routine when they need it the most, that is while traveling.

“We are pleased to welcome Disha as the Westin brand’s newest advocate for well-being,” said Mike Fulkerson, vice-president, brand, and marketing, Marriott International Asia Pacific. “Wellness is in the Westin brand’s DNA, and as more people integrate wellness into their lifestyle, we are also continuously innovating to ensure wellness touches every aspect of our guests’ travel journey. Our appointment of Disha seeks to do exactly that.”

Patani’s video series will embody the concept of ‘Let’s Rise’ and share insights on her idea of holistic wellness, combining fitness, nutrition and working out in style. Specifically, her video will focus on three of the Westin brand’s six pillars of well-being – namely Eat Well, Sleep Well and Move Well.

As a leading voice in fitness, Patani’s videos will consist of her mantra to sustain the perfect work-life balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle at work, home and even while on the road. Each video will enhance a unique aspect of her daily routine – in her Move Well video, she will be showcasing her fitness moves and how her rhythm finds a new partner through the facilities and services offered at Westin Hotels.

The Eat Well video captures Patani incorporating healthy eating to support her active lifestyle, while the Sleep Well video shows her comfortably ensconced in an environment that balances and helps rejuvenate mind, body and spirit on the Westin heavenly bed.

“I’m delighted to collaborate with the Westin brand. I have always believed in maintaining a calculated balance: from what I eat, to my workout sessions, to giving equal time to my professional and personal life,” said Patani. “The most imperative ingredient of holistic wellness is balance and through my role as Westin’s Well-Being Brand Advocate, I aim to inspire others to lead and value a wholesome lifestyle.”

A trained gymnast, Patani has been an open advocate of healthy eating and Yoga as a fitness regime personally and professionally – often inspiring her fans through snippets of her workouts or dance sessions on social media.

“Patani is a great fit for the brand, maintaining her fitness and wellness regime around a fast-paced, demanding career, as many of our guests do,” said Neeraj Govil, area vice-president, South Asia, Marriott International. “We are hoping to inspire our guests through her videos, as just another way Westin is committed to delivering a holistic wellness experience for travelers before, during and after their stay.”

Patani joins certified Australian health coach, television presenter and model, Rachael Finch; and Japanese fashion icon Shiho as well-being brand advocates for Westin Hotels & Resorts in Asia-Pacific.

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