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Filmmaker Anurag Basu. (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — Filmmaker Anurag Basu says filmmakers have always explored bold subjects irrespective of the medium it is presented on. However, the line that differentiates freedom of creativity and misusing that freedom needs to be kept in mind by filmmakers at all times.

“It’s a very thin line between using the freedom of creativity and misusing it. Filmmakers should look at using freedom of speech in the best possible way to tell unique stories,” Basu said.

His new film “Ludo,” an anthology drama, dropped on streaming platforms a few months back and will make its television premiere on Sony Max Feb. 28.

“A lot of filmmakers have explored bigger and bolder subjects on the big screen as well. My film ‘Ludo’ dealt with many bold subjects and was initially planned for the big screen,” the filmmaker added.

Basu, who made films such as “Barfi!” (2012), “Life In A Metro” (2007) and “Gangster” (2006), is confident now that theaters have reopened after lockdown, the audience will pour in like the good old days.

“Cinema is a community watching experience. I am certain that audiences will come back to theaters when they will be back in action completely. We just need one film that will create enough buzz for the audience to rush back to theaters. This has already started in the South, with the release of the Vijay-starrer “Master,” and soon will be seen in Bollywood too. One big release and things will change,” he said.

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