Pageant for married women

Dr. Aneel Murarka, Smita Gondkar, Aparna Chawathe, Neha Banerjee, and Shweta Khanduri are seen at the launch of “Shrimati Silk Mark,” a beauty pageant for married women, in Mumbai. (photo provided)

MUMBAI—The launch of “Shrimati Silk Mark,” a beauty pageant for married women, saw the presence of K.S. Gopal, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka, V. Ramesh, a senior executive of Silk Mark Events and other known people including Mahesh Chauhan, Utsav Dholakia, Neha Banerjee, Smita Gondkar and others.

Gopal, the CEO of Silk Mark Organization, said, “I personally feel very proud that we have got over 3000 outlets in the country promoting pure silk. Now the question arose how to promote India Silk and Silk Mark; I had heard this very interesting statement somewhere that ‘the strength of families are women,’ so the strength of a society is women, the strength of a country is women and so the strength of the world is women. When I see most designers are female, I feel very proud. I am looking forward to a wonderful response for our upcoming Grand Finale show happening Dec. 14.”

This one-of-its-kind beauty pageant for the ‘Mrs’ is being held in Mumbai. Owned by Silk Mark Organization of India, it is called ‘Shrimati Silk Mark.’ It aims at providing a platform for them to excel and showcase their talent and beauty draped in silk. Shrimati Silk Mark is running successfully in the Southern states and is launched for the first time in the West, starting with Mumbai, followed by Surat and Pune.

Vidya Balan, the brand ambassador for Silk Mark, always dresses in silk sarees and has graciously accepted to judge the 20 finalists for Shrimati Silk Mark 2017 Mumbai.

Shaina N.C., Rocky S. and Neha Banerjee and other celebrities from the film, fashion and corporate worlds will grace the grand finale. Models like Dimple Patel (Miss Globe 2016 and Miss India Runner-Up), Priyanka Khurana (Mrs. India - Mrs. Earth), actress Smita Gondkar and model Shweta Khanduri will walk the ramp along with the participants and also be showstoppers.

There will be four rounds of judging the participants, as they will be wearing Indo-Western Fusion, Ghaghra-Choli, Evening Gowns and the Classic Saree.

Silk Mark, an initiative of the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India through the Silk Mark Organization of India, is aimed at the generic promotion of silk while connecting members of the silk fraternity of the Indian silk industry. The Silk Mark Organization of India is headquartered in Bangalore, the hub of silk activity in the country.

It has over 3000 Authorized Users (AUs) across the country, and the scheme is being introduced to many new areas in a phased manner. Silk manufacturers and dealers of repute with qualifying criteria can become Authorized Users (AU) of Silk Mark. India has a rich heritage in silk weaving, dyeing, printing, embroidery, and craftsmanship supported by a strong domestic market. It is the largest consumer of silk and the second largest producer of silk in the world.

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