Movie posters are an important tool for marketing a new film. Filmmakers spend a lot of time, money and creative energy to create an apt poster to get potential movie-goers' attention. A good poster is one that is seared in one’s memory.

In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, these posters were a work of art, as most of them were hand-painted and mass produced by screen printing the originals. As the Bollywood film industry is maturing, so are marketing techniques and tools. Now stars and filmmakers are Tweeting, as well as using Instagram and Facebook to release and showcase movie posters, teasers and trailers.

Lately, the trend in the film industry is shifting from larger-than-life, leave-your-brain-behind-and-watch kind of movies to movies that resonate with real-life people and events. Intense passion seems to be the ‘flavor of the month’ in posters nowadays.

The posters for the Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif-starrer “Fitoor” ooze passion. Created using hues of red and deathly morose grays, the non-smiling actors added to the intensity of the images, leaving little to the imagination about the story line of the film.

Recently, Shraddha Kapoor released a customized teaser poster featuring a fierce mug shot of her co-star and childhood friend Tiger Shroff on his birthday from the upcoming movie “Baaghi.” The official poster, released March 9, shows both of the actors looking raw and rebellious. A shirtless, ripped and oiled Shroff is seen leaning against a wall, while Kapoor looks sensual, wet-haired, and skimpily-clad in torn jeans and a cropped tank top revealing a metallic sports bra underneath, defying the image of the girl-next-door, a tag the actress has been trying hard to shrug off. One can guess this love story is not the sweet kind.

Another poster that’s a tell-tale sign of an unusual love story is the one for the Antara Hassan-starrer short film “Scent of a Woman.” A light-eyed Hassan wears smoldering, smoky-eye makeup, which makes the pain in her eyes even more apparent. A stern-faced gaze staring straight at the camera is what takes up the entire real estate of the movie poster. The story line of the film revolves around Hassan’s struggle to deal with the unfaithfulness of her boyfriend.

These posters definitely seem to speak a thousand words, showing that Bollywood movie posters have come of age in 2016.

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