MUMBAI — With “Airlift” touching Rs. 100 crore in India in 10 days and also doing well globally, the film’s success has taught — or, if not, should teach — certain lessons to the team of the film (led by T-Series and Akshay Kumar), as well as to the industry. The film has reached the benchmark in 10 days, the fastest for any Akshay Kumar movie, as “Rowdy Rathore” needed 11 days to touch that figure, “Holiday” took 15 days, and “Housefull 2” did it only in 17 days. 

Here are 5 key lessons from the film:

1. A true-to-life story (real or realistic) must have a script that is faithful to the subject and the needs of a film. But the length and first/second half divisions should be just right and crisp too. That is where a lo-o-ong “Baby” missed out on the 100 crore and more business.

2. The characters should be believable and portrayed realistically. For example, Prakash Belawadi’s overall persona as George was identifiably real, as were the women. This again is in complete contrast to the fragile old man who was supposed to be the mastermind against India in “Baby.” Or the tepid villains of “Holiday” and “Gabbar Is Back.”

3. The title should not only be apt but attractive and self-explanatory. “Baby” was not what we would associate with a patriotic action drama. Kumar’s film titles in the past, like “Blue,” “8x10 Tasveer,” “Khatta Meetha,” “Patiala House,” “Singh Is Bliing” et al have all been faulty and have contributed to the films’ debacles as much as their content did.

4. Kumar’s films too often have a conglomerate of music makers who together pull down the quality of his music scores. Even superstars need the help of music that is perfect for a film and yet not only high in merit but also appeal, thus serving as an audience magnet. This time, apart from the Ankit Tiwari re-creation “Dil Cheez Tujhe De Di” (which the main composer had turned down and which had an Arab connection), the entire music score was by one entity — Amaal Mallik. T-Series must also be congratulated, as they too believe in multiple composers in other films.

5. The marketing must be shrewd and just right, with no false or misleading claims and nothing fake offered in the content like unnecessary comedy, item songs and the like.

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