November story

The poster for “November Story,” starring Tamannaah Bhatia. (Ruder Finn photo)

MUMBAI — As Anuradha finds Ganesan next to a woman’s dead body in his own house, the life of this simple father-daughter duo from Chennai, changes completely overnight. A leading crime novel writer with symptoms of erratic behavior, all the evidence shows that Ganesan might be the person responsible for the woman’s death. But when Anuradha—a young ethical hacker portrayed by Tamannaah Bhatia—takes it upon herself to find the truth behind this murder, she unfolds a chain of shocking revelations.

“November Story,” a Tamil crime thriller series now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar VIP, is directed by Ram Subramanian and produced by Ananda Vikatan Group, and also available in Hindi and Telugu.

Here are 5 reasons why this perplexing murder case is a must-watch for all.

1 Not just a classic murder mystery

“November Story” is not just a classic murder mystery, but the riveting story that unveils a complex web of stories and characters. Featuring multilayered storytelling with flashbacks across timeframes revealing the back-story behind the murder, it explores family dynamics, a young woman’s quest to save her father, and much more.  

2 A story behind a story

Every episode unveils hidden truths that turn the murder mystery in new directions and build intrigue and suspense around the real murderer as well as the motive. The month November plays a key role in this murder mystery. Viewers can find out how.

3 Exceptional performances

Tamannaah Bhatia has delivered an exceptional performance as she takes centre-stage with the portrayal of Anuradha, who relentlessly tries to find the truth behind the murder in order to clear her father’s name. Veteran actor G.M. Kumar’s extraordinary portrayal of writer Ganesan, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, keeps the suspense in the story alive. The ensemble cast of talented actors also includes Pasupathy, Aruldass, Vivek Prasanna and Myna among others.

4 Direction and more

After creating some fantastic movies, director and writer Ram Subramanian once again keeps the audiences on the edge of their seat. The cinematography, live locations and lifelike sets of the show are realistic, and Tamannaah Bhatia could just look like your next-door neighbor. The writing brings out different elements like drama, parallel narratives of past and present and much more. And while you may think you know who the murderer is, the show will keep you in doubts and guessing on who committed the crime. 

5 Broad-spectrum audience appeal

The series is in Tamil but also available in Hindi and Telugu. Plus, there are English subtitles as usual. The South always has an edge in appeal for the audience and “November Story” is just one more proof of this.

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