hamariwali good news

Raghav Tiwari. (Genesis BCW photo)

MUMBAI — Zee TV’s “Hamariwali Good News” is a prime-time drama that presents a heart-warming and unique role-reversal between daughter-in-law Navya (Srishti Jain) and her mother-in-law Renuka Tiwari (Juhi Parmar) to give their family the much-awaited ‘Good News.’

Over the last couple of weeks, a lot of drama has taken place in the Tiwari household. In fact, Renuka’s critical condition after giving birth to a baby boy had left everyone on the edge of their seats. However, she recuperated and returned to Tiwari Sadan, their home, only to throw Aditya (Raghav Tiwari) out of the house. 

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Aditya planning to enter the Tiwari Sadan and kidnap the newborn baby. As Tiwari revealed, “It’s the first time that I’m playing such a character, wearing a saree and getting into such a look. It was really exciting to disguise myself as a kinnar (eunuch) for the kidnapping sequence, where I enter the Tiwari Sadan to take away the newborn baby. While it was tough to get the nuances right, it was surely an amazing experience. Learning to act like a eunuch, speaking like them and copying their body language was a big deal. But as an actor, I enjoyed the challenge. In fact, I took inspiration from Akshay Kumar. I watched “Laxmii” several times before shooting these sequences and I can’t wait for the episodeto go on air and get feedback from my fans.” 

So will the kinnar be successful? Or will he be caught? For that, the viewer must watch the daily soap.

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