Gully Boy Music Review

Ranveer Singh makes a solid mark as a rapper in “Gully Boy” and proves that he has got into the skin of his character as well as his soul. (photo provided)

Gully Boy (Zee Music Company)

Music: Divine, Naezy, Spitfire (Nitin Mishra), Rishi Rich, Raghu Dixit, Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Vivieck Rajagopalan, Dub Sharma, Sez On The Beat, Jasleen Royal, Ankur Tewari, Mikey McCleary, Kaam Bhaari, Ace, Ishq Bector, Prem & Hardeep, Chandrashekhar Suraj AKA Major C

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar, Divine, Dub Sharma, Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire (Nitin Mishra), MC Todfod, 100 RH, Maharya, Noxious D & MC Mawali, Aditya Sharma, Gaurav Raina, Tapan Raj, Karsh Kale, Kaam Bhaari, Ankur Tewari, Ace, Bhindar Kanpuri, Desi Ma & Arjun Blitz

So it’s come to this: after multiple composers, we now have multiple composers and lyricists WITHIN one song. But then, Hip-Hop and Rap are like that, as so many people can contribute, extempore, even until the last minute.

To the credit of this album (19 tracks, including a poem part and a Beatbox version of one), we have decent lyrics for the most, in fact, more than decent, in so many cases.

“Jingostan” and “Jingostan Beatbox,” does the very thing (jingoism) it claims to take barbs at. The lyrics here (Dub Sharma, also the composer and singer) are clever and seem calculated more than anything else. It begins with the catchphrase, “Do haazar atthra hai, desh ko khatra hai (It’s 2018, and there is danger to our country).”

There are also incisive social and political statements in “Azadi” (Divine & Dub Sharma), “Sher Aaya Sher” (sung and written by Divine and composed by Chandrashekhar Suraj AKA Major C – this name might mean one, two, three or four names!) Javed Akhtar and Divine come up with a stunning line for the have-nots – “Meri Lori Mat Rona Mat Rona (The lullaby my mother sang was ‘Don’t cry, Don’t cry).”

Javed Akhtar’s poetry “Ek Hee Raasta” is a poignant look at people who are not allowed to follow their own dreams by their own, while the lyrics in “Asli Hip-Hop” (Spitfire) and “Gully Mein” (Divine & Naezy) are also of high order. As for the anthem, “Apna Time Aayega” (Divine & Dub Sharma) there is a killer line – “Tu Nanga Hi To Aaya Tha Kya Ghanta Leke Jaayega (You came into this world naked. How will you possibly go taking anything with you)” that shows why this song has overall become the new anthem of the season.

“The Train Song,” “India 91” (with its mix of Marathi words and a South Indian feel), the sensitive “Doori” and “Jeene Mein Aaye Mazaa” (with its retro Western feel) are also nice to hear. Ranveer Singh makes a solid mark as a rapper in his five songs and two poems and proves that he has got into the skin of his character as well as his soul.

A super-interesting trivia: a guy called Kaam Bhaari writes, co-composes and sing a song called “Kaam Bhaari (Tough job)” – this must be the first-ever time in Hindi cinema where a song has the same ‘mukhda’ as its writer, composer and singer’s name!

This is a refreshing and unique album that is a first of its kind. Never have multiple composers and lyricists (as we said, even in a single track) been so palatable and effective. And unlike the “Dev.D” album a decade ago with 18 songs that made it sound like an assorted radio program, this one’s so cohesive and perfect for the film you salute its free spirit, the philosophical abandon within the protests, and the subliminal angst!

A great effort, and without doubt, the best soundtrack to come out of Excel after “Dil Chahta Hai,” this soundtrack proves that if the perfect original music is done for any film, it lifts the movie to the next level. Will the re-creation addicts listen?

Rating: 4/5

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