A scene from “Helmet.” (Publicity photo)

“Helmet” is a film endorsing the usage of condoms. The film gets to the “point” (if at all) only in a roundabout way, with a love story and a crime, a truck robbery. Plus, there is a band of musicians led by the hero Lucky (Aparashakti Khurana getting a break as a leading man) who is in love with a rich girl, Rupali (Pranutan Bahl) whose father (Ashish Vidhrathi) is against the match as Lucky cannot hope to compete financially with them.

Ergo, Lucky coerces loyal friends Minus (Ashish Verma) and Sultan (Abhishek Banerjee) to rob a truck carrying consignments of mobile phones to become rich overnight. Sadly, the ploy boomerangs as the boxes contain condoms. And an NGO is trying to popularize the use of prophylactics for long, unsuccessfully.

But for some standout points (like popularizing the condoms at a cinema hall surreptitiously showing “those kind of films” and at brothels, where many customers resent their use) down to the still-prevalent hesitation among the public, the film ricochets between the serious social issue and some humor unconnected with the larger issue. Yes, we know “pills” like this movie should be “sugar-coated” but not to this extent.

A man who suffers the brunt of this inconsistency is the don Bunty Bhai (Sharib Hashmi, perhaps putting in the best performance of all in this cameo), who has a half-baked character who is suddenly disposed of.  Anurita Jha as the forthright prostitute and Ashish Verma as the hearing-impaired Minus are very effective. Abhishek Banerjee shines in part, like the direction and script. The lead players are just about alright and Vidyarthi hams. Jameel Khan as the hairdresser is impressive.

For a movie set in the fictitious Rajnagar town (Why hide where the film is actually shot—Benares?), we again have a fully Punjabi song. But over here, THAT is not the big downer compared to a script that should have had more focus and potency (pun intended).

Rating: *1/2

Produced by: Dino Morea

Directed by: Satramm Ramani

Written by: Satramm Ramani, Rohan Shankar, Amit Tyagi, Ajay Singh & Gopal Mundhane

Music: Nirmaan, Tony Kakkar, Shubham Shirule, Jam8, Tanishk Bagchi & Vayu

Starring: Aparashkati Khurana, Pranutan Bahl, Abhishek Banerjee, Ashish Verma, Ashish Vidhyarthi, Sharib Hashmi, Anurita Jha, Jameel Khan, Saanand Verma, Rohit Tiwari Sp. App.: Dino Morea

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