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Pulkit Sharma transforms for “Taish.” (Purna Shukla photo)

MUMBAI—Calling Pulkit Samrat a fitness freak would not do the actor justice. The star treats his body like a temple, and his physique reflects the patience, dedication, blood, sweat and tears that go into it. For his most recent role in         “Taish,” the actor underwent a major transformation.

For the chiselled, toned look, Samrat had 30 days to prepare. To achieve the look visualized by Bejoy and the writers, the actor’s personal trainer, Sameer Ansari gave him an elaborate workout and meal plan to follow.

The actor’s workout involved lower-intensity workouts with a much higher volume. The workout included numerous compound exercises and compound lifts, supersets, and cardio between sets. He also had morning workout sessions, wherein the actor had to do cardiovascular exercises wearing a high-altitude mask, which multiples the difficulty manifold.

In the last week before the shoot, Samrat’s trainer also incorporated EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), a protocol that elicits a muscle contraction using electrical impulses that directly stimulate motor neurons, resulting in strengthened, toned and firm muscles.

The actor plays two very different avatars in the film, one where he is shredded to the point that each vein and sinew on his muscles is visible. In the latter part of “Taish,” we see a Samrat who is more bloated and has let go of himself after going through a series of unfortunate events, as can be seen in his smaller muscles and the weight around his belly and face.

To achieve the bloated, tired look, a drastic change to both Pulkit’s workout regimen, as well as his diet, was required. He had to progressively overload his muscles and push them to their limits by lifting much heavier weights to open up his muscles. This, in addition to increased simple carbs and fruit sugars along with salted food, gave him a bloated look in just three days.

A transformation of this proportion sounds nearly impossible, but with the help of his trainer, a strict workout regimen and stringent diet, the disciplined and determined Samrat pulled off this feat.

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