Hrithik workout

Actor Hrithik Roshan seen during a workout session. (video screenshot)

MUMBAI — Hrithik Roshan has gotten back into the game with this intense workout. Roshan is back to fit and fab after battling injuries and testimony to this is the recent video that surfaced.

The actor is seen indulging in Zero Momentum Reps, an exercise routine that makes you ditch all the junk and get back to the grind. Sharing the workout video on his official social media handle, Roshan said, “Transformation journey Day 2. Owing to too many injuries over the years I’ve adopted ZMR’s (zero momentum reps). It helped my rehab along with gaining strength so much so that it’s now become a part of the HRX workout module at Cult. Fit 1 rep could equal 1 minute. .n yeah that’s 10 pounds. (Gotto start somewhere right?). And at the end your supposed to say faaaaaa...aaaa! (a rule is a rule what can i say). PS: this used to be so much easier 20 years ago). #NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing.”

Never mind the slight incoherence for the lay fan, in the video, Roshan is seen pushing the boundaries at the gym. He is set to release “Super 30” in July and has no other film on hand at the moment.

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