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Finalist Shweta Warrier on “India's Best Dancer.” (AvianWE photo)

MUMBAI—The battle for the coveted title of “India’s Best Dancer” has certainly intensified. With the Finale on the anvil, the top five finalists of this season were announced. The excitement and nervousness was evident among not just the contestants but the judges as well.

The finalists paint a beautiful picture of diversity within India and in the world of dance. Each finalist has a different style through which they express their dance.

Ajay Singh a.k.a. Tiger Pop, a resident of Gurugram, is known for his popping. He has mastered the art so well that the judges have nicknamed him HD Popper. The first finalist on the show, Tiger Pop has been proving his talent with support from his choreographer Vartika Jha. He has proved his mettle on the stage week on week and continues to be the shy, reserved, obedient boy with big dreams in his heart.

Subhranil Paul from Siliguri brings the magic of the lyrical dance form. His talent embodies multiple dance styles and he gives it a fresh appeal with the way he emotes and expresses each song. Since his first day, Paul has outdone every performance, setting the right example of an artiste who loves to improve upon his craft. The trio of judges has not only been impressed by his unique dance moves but also by his calm and composed demeanor and his love for singing as well.

Mukul Gain from Raipur is known for his lifts, contemporary moves and techniques. Gain excels in contemporary dance style and is appreciated for his clean moves. For someone who has been trying to make it big through various reality shows, will “India’s Best Dancer” prove to be his gateway to achieving his dreams?

Shweta Warrier, the only woman in the lot, is the true embodiment of dance. Her expertise lies in Indian classical dance, but as someone with a creative bent of mind, Warrier revealed that she would like to describe her dance form as Street-O-Classical, which also hinges on freestyle dance. Her performances have been impressive, week after week, and the judges have wholeheartedly applauded her for her energy, crisp moves and expressions.

Paramdeep Singh, who hails from Uttar Pradesh, has built his own fan following for his distinct combination of contemporary, Hip-Hop and Bollywood dance forms. After being eliminated, he was successful in proving himself and returned on the show as the wildcard entry. What sets him apart from the rest of the finalists is his innate ability to tell a story through his dance. Every performance that he has given has been emotionally charged, apart from being a visual spectacle. He celebrates the love for dance in all its purity.

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