In his forthcoming film "Dangal," Aamir Khan plays a wrestler, who is vegetarian, and the actor has decided to follow in the footsteps of his reel life character. Aamir has now turned vegan. Well, he hasn't made the shift just as a preparation for the movie.

Inspired by a Youtube video shown to him by wife Kiran Rao, who has been vegan for a long time, Aamir has decided to give up not only meat, but also milk products. 

The video showed 15 most common diseases that lead to death and how a change in diet can help one lead a healthy life.

Aamir, who was a meat lover, decided to lead a better life by making changes and cutting out meat and diary products from his diet. The actor has now replaced milk with soy milk and has also stopped eating sweets made of milk. Aamir said that the only thing he will really miss is curd. 

Though Aamir and his wife have gone vegan, their son Azad continues to eat everything, but Aamir hopes that he naturally leans towards vegan diet.

As Aamir turns 50 March 14, it looks he is taking steps to focus on good health as he grows older.

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