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Sahher Bambba stars opposite Karan Deol in “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas.” (photo provided)

MUMBAI — She is what Amrita Singh was in 1983 and Twinkle Khanna in 1995 — the outsider co-starring in a Deol launch. Sahher Bambba is a girl with only acting on her mind and no Plan B and is the latest among dozens of debutants in recent years. We meet the girl at the Hotel Novotel for a brief chat.

Excerpts from an interview:

Q: Are you nervous about your first step on screen?

A (Laughs) I am VERY nervous, but excited, too. I am restless, there is no sleep, there are thoughts — anxious ones! — all the time.

Q: How did you land this role?

A: I came down to study in Mumbai and kept giving auditions and won a pageant. When I was called for this audition, I wanted to give my 200 percent, and there were three rounds, the last with Sunny (Deol)-sir himself. That, I thought, was such a big deal by itself that I went for it, thinking that whether I get the film or not, I had to experience it. But after a week, I was told I was in!  I am from Shimla and my parents had come down to Mumbai for a wedding and we were having dinner when the call came! They even invited my parents to the office when I went and signed the film!

Q: What did you learn from Sunny Deol?

A: I never knew the ABC of acting, even the technical sides. Sunny sir taught me everything, apart from some workshops with Atul Mongia. Today, he is like a second father to me and I don’t think twice before telling or asking him anything!

Q: What were you studying before this big break?

A: I did a course in travel and tourism at Mumbai’s Jai Hind College.

Q: How was your rapport with Karan, which is so important for a love story that is also a debut film?

A: For three months, the full team was in Manali, and we had script readings and workshops. In our free time, Karan and I would go out and get to know each other. In short, we had no inhibitions by the time the shoot started.

Q: The film seems a visual treat. What were the challenges?

A: The sports were very difficult, and the temperatures sub-zero. The locations were so tough that in some cases we had to trek for eight hours! And my first day went so bad that at lunchtime I broke down and called my mom and said that I did not think I could do it!

Q: Why was that?

A: I had to run up and down and get breathless, and as a Shimla girl I am used to walking everywhere, even uphill, and I was not getting short of breath!

Q: How was Sunny as a director?

A: Very strict! (Smiles) Even if it meant the 21st take, he would get what he wanted. Off the sets, he is the most chilled-out person.

Q: What do you think of yourself in the trailer?

A: I just broke down at the trailer launch. The last two years just flashed back. It was a strange feeling. I also miss Rocky (Karan Deol’s pet name) now. He too misses me, he says.

Q: What are your goals as an actor?

A: I had never told anyone I wanted to be an actor. All were surprised, but I had no Plan B. It was a big risk and I am fortunate my dream came true. I am a hungry actor now and any good role in any medium will be welcome.

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