jasmin bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin. (Prashant Golecha photo)

MUMBAI—It was an emotional reunion for Jasmin Bhasin, one of the top favorites for the “Bigg Boss 14” win, as she recently met her parents after a full three months!

Bhasin recently completed that much time in the “Bigg Boss” house. Unlike many other contestants who either joined the show late, or left and came back, Bhasin spent the period locked inside the house. Considering all the fights and broken friendships, she has been on an emotional rollercoaster and her not being able to see her family only made things worse for her.

“Bigg Boss” gave all the contestants an amazing gift in the last episode: a reunion with their family members. The family member had to talk to the contestant either through a glass screen (they had a telephone through which they could hear each other) or through a video call because of the COVID-19 precautions.

Bhasin’s parents came to see her and she burst into tears the moment she saw them. Her parents “hugged” her through the gloves in between the glass screen and had an emotional reunion. Her dad gave her some advice on her game, saying, “Please take care of your health, it’s very important, okay? You have been doing amazingly, but I miss the Jasmin I used to see in the beginning of the show. I miss seeing you smile and laugh all the time. I want you to play your own game. Aly is nice, but focus on your own game now. Play on your own. We just want you to be happy. If you are happy, we are also happy.”

When asked who they wanted to choose between Sonali Phogat and Rakhi Sawant as the next “Bigg Boss” captain, despite Bhasin’s feud with Sawant, they chose her because of her entertainment skills. Bhasin and Sawant also apologized to each other and hugged it out after this. Although the other contestants gave Bhasin 12 minutes to talk to her parents, time seemed to just slip by. It was soon time for her parents to leave and all three were crying by then. 

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