Kangana Ranaut

Responding to Karni Sena’s backing protest against “Manikarnika” over an alleged relationship between the legendary Rani Laxmi Bai and a British officer, the film’s protagonist Kangana Ranaut said there is no love story angle in the film. (IANS photo)

JAIPUR—Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut on Feb. 8 said there was nothing controversial in her upcoming movie 'Manikarnika," adding that the controversy is being created just for the simple reason that a few people want to get famous.

"There is nothing controversial in 'Manikarnika.' It's really bad on our part to even think about creating such controversies for a woman who gave a tough fight to the British rulers while fighting alone for the country's sake," she said in Jodhpur.

Ranaut, who essays the role of the queen of Jhansi in 'Manikarnika,' was on her way to Bikaner for shooting when she was surrounded by a huge crowd at Jodhpur airport.

Speaking to the media on her role for the first time, she said that the queen was the "daughter of India" who made a significant contribution to the country's independence.

"This movie is sure to instill a feeling of pride among the people," she added.

There is no love story angle in the film, the Bollywood actor said.

She said the movie has been written by the scriptwriter of the superhit 'Bahubali.' "He is so impressed with the character that he has named his daughter Manikarnika too," she added.

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