Mumbai — “The voice, the violin and the vibrations,” a grand musical workshop by Kavita Krishnamurthy Subramaniam and her husband Dr. L. Subramaniam regaled students with their compositions at the 5th VEDA event at Whistling Woods International April 16.

After performing at Madison Square Garden for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Padma Shri singer Kavita, her husband and acclaimed violinist Padma Vibhushan Dr. L. Subramaniam, and their prodigal son Ambi Subramaniam left the audience spellbound with their music.

“The reason I am what I am today is because back in college I stepped up to perform on the stage, leaving behind any inhibitions. It was then that I was discovered by my teacher and the rest, as they say, is history. You students are lucky to have such events that allow you to show your inner talents,” said Kavita to the audience of 400 students.

The live performance is a vital part of music education as the connection made between musician and audience, with no need for words, is a truly precious exchange.

“To understand music, you need to first listen to it sincerely. The process of learning is monotonous, but it is important to exercise control on your voice. For composers, it’s good to learn the piano. Basic classical music knowledge is a must, and one should listen a lot to not only contemporary singers but classical singers, too. Control of breath is important too, and we must try to emulate and think over what ingredients makes a song good,” added Kavita. 

At the session moderated by Subhash Ghai, founder of WWI, she also explained to students through demonstrations the difference between different genres of singing like playback, ghazal, pop and classical.

She said, “The base is and should always be classical, and then comes playback, where we learn about aesthetics as we have to keep in mind the actors and situations. Also, when you start with your training, go full throttle or full voice to open up the texture of your voice. Modulation of voice comes after riyaaz. These instincts develop in time.”

An AV on the evolution of the violin was also shown. Dr. L Subramaniam demonstrated various genres of jazz, classical and country music through his compositions. Students gave a standing ovation when Ambi joined his father and the duo performed a fast-paced composition as fusion music. Kavita joined them in singing classical notes at the end of the performance.

Ghai and Kavita have had a long professional association, with  her being one of the playback singers in his “Meri Jung,” “Ram Lakhan,” “Khal-Nayak, “ “Pardes,” “Taal” and “Yaadein” and the leading singer in “Saudagar.” 

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