Salman Khan

Salman Khan is seen in a still from his Eid release “Kick.”

Karachi — Bollywood star Salman Khan’s Eid  release “Kick” is expected to shatter all the records for box-office collections in its first week of release in Pakistan.

The movie, which has already drawn big crowds in some preview screenings, is being run in multiplexes in Karachi.

"By the way the advance bookings have gone and the crowds that have shown up for the preview screenings, ‘Kick’ should be the biggest grosser in Pakistan and break records," said well-known film distributor and exhibitor Nadeem Mandviwalla.

In Pakistan, the record for the biggest box-office collections on the first day and first week are presently held by Aamir Khan-starrer “Dhoom 3,” which raked in a grand total of Rs. 240 million while the Pakistani blockbuster "Waar," starring Shaan, had a net collection of Rs. 230 million.

"‘Kick’ should do better than them because the release timing is good as it is only after 10 days that a new high-profile Bollywood movie, 'Entertainment,' will be released in Pakistan," Mandviwalla said.

"That means for nearly 10 days, there is really no competition for 'Kick' as the new Shaan spy thriller 'Operation One' release has also been delayed by a few months, although it was expected to be released on Eid," he added.

Saleem Ahmed, who is the manager at Bambino Cinema, said that the only competition for “Kick” should come from two big Hollywood movies — “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” and “Hercules” — also releasing on Eid.

"But I think ‘Kick’ will do big business because it is an action thriller with lots of stunts and fights, and Salman is a big draw even in Pakistan," he said.

During the last Eid holidays, the censor board and ministry of culture and information had banned the exhibition of Khan’s thriller “Ek Tha Tiger” in the country as the film revolved around the theme of a Pakistani spy agency.

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