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Actress Kriti Kharbanda. (Facebook photo)

MUMBAI — Things are taking a turn for the better: Kriti Kharbanda now has an official super-hit to her credit in “Housefull 4,” and is set to release “Pagalpanti” this week. The actress, who had a couple of false starts, made her mark in the 2017 film “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana” and shone in a brief cameo in the following year in “Karwaan.”

Ever frothy, the actress chats it up with India-West at the Hotel J.W. Marriott.  Declaring that “Frankly, it was not easy to approach “Housefull 4,” she says that comedy is a tough genre, and that both her comedies too are totally different.

“Look, I think I crack the best PJs, I am genuinely very funny and I am confident I can entertain anyone, here it was a matter of the need to impress her director as he had proved himself, and fit into his vision,” she says.

“I think that my “Pagalpanti” character of Jahnvi is my hardest role ever, including in the films I have done down South,” she goes on. “It can irritate and annoy easily, or become very caricature-like. I had to behave mad, but not look mad, and make Jahnvi my normal.”

She stoutly declares (about the widespread poor reviews for “Housefull 4”) that “Those who want to look for logic in “Housefull 4” need help!” She soberly says, “I am sorry, but unka dimaag kharaab hai (they are not mentally there) !” Proudly, she declares how action director Sham Kaushal called her a “Chhota packet bada dhamaka” (a small bundle of big explosives) after she carried off a sequence in the film from which he had no hopes from her. “After that, I trained for two more days for more action!” she preens.

Just like Kriti calls herself a natural comic, she claims that she has the action bud in her as well! “The first boy who fell in love with him did so because I slapped him when he dared me to do so, and after that, his heart started singing for me!” she chuckles.

Ask her about her breakthrough film and she gets animated. ““Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana” changed my life and put me on the map overnight. I got “Housefull 4” because Sajid (Nadiadwala)-sir watched it. And I am happy to tell you that the script for its sequel is almost locked, and I am really looking forward to it,” she says.

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