lips dont lie

A scene from “Lips Don’t Lie.” (Publicity photo)

Watched this one almost a month ago and it was so mediocre I forgot about it! But well, the PR setup had sent me screeners of “Lips Don’t Lie,” so there was no choice but to see all four episodes of this anthology and now I must review it as well!

The most prominent and quite insulting aspect is that each of the episodes are actually named after a Raj Kapoor classic—the Showman, arguably, has yet to suffer a worse insult!

Episode 1, titled “Ram Teri Ganga Maili” talks about a man seeking help for his sexual limitations, and to give a twist, this “Ganga” is indeed  “Maili” (dirty)! Episode 2, “Prem Rog,” is just about bearable ONLY if you compare it with the others, about a man looking for someone as a paying guest. Then we get a painter wanting to make amends after he betrays his love, and a henpecked husband takes action.

Every episode smacks of an overdose of sex. No matter what the story, backdrop or motivations, there is a swimming pool in each story, and of course, huge houses with French windows and no staff whatsoever to look after them. Vikram Bhatt et al do not know what they started!

Logic, of course, has no place in this silliest of narratives, and the twists are supposed to be wow, but my reaction instead is ‘How?’—How was this project conceived and then actually green-lit by the investors?

A few good artistes (Aahana Kumra, Shishir Sharma and even to an extent Tanuj Virwani) are wasted here and we must wonder if the Raj Kapoor titles inspired them to accept this one, or was it disproportionately high moolah? Yes, the production values are good, but the stories are so…sorry, dear readers, words fail me.

Rating: ½ *

Produced and directed by: Madhur Agarwal

Written by: Madhur Agarwal & Sameer Joshi

Music: Shubh Dhingra

Starring: Aahana Kumra, Tanuj Virwani, Shishir Sharma, Rachel White, Sanjjanaa Galrani, Paromita Dey, Charlie Chauhan, Nina Sarkar, Ayaz Ahmed, Chirag Bajaj, Kunwar Amar, Ivan Rodrigues & others

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