So what is this film about anyway? We have COVID mentioned, and another deadly pandemic on the Indo-Chinese border for which China will be responsible. After COVID began, how come so much shoot was done in London?

We have a “source” that the Indians need to contact to get China’s culpability in the matter. Where? At an international virology conference seven days after the film begins. There is a mole in the ranks of a motley group of Indian agents (including Mouni Roy, pregnant with two months to go for delivery, Purab Kohli with a pigtail, Kiren Jogi as a chubby lady addressed as “M” who is quite super-efficient and Diljohn Singh who, as Biren, is murdered right in the beginning.

Pregnant agent Uma suspects a mole within the ranks—relevance of pregnancy never established. As the captions show the number of days reducing for the conference, we have an Indian ambassador (Kulraj Randhawa) who has never been forgiven for an affair by her husband Sharad (Sagar Arya), someone called Sying (Winnie Wong), a Chinese girl who seems to be a double agent, a gay (Jas Binag) and another man called Azad (Pravessh Rana) who all seem to be involved. Of course, many murders follow—the mole is at work, see? And a Chinese hoodlum named Chang (Tau Guo) seems to spearhead enemy operations.

In these technologically advanced days, we simply fail to understand why a Chinese “source” (read informer) is needed to convey something vital to the Indians physically by coming from China to London rather than by instantaneous electronic communication.

The film’s length of 77 minutes is the only redeeming point, if it can be called that. We do not see the point of the story and the action, as the climax culminates with the destruction of the Indian traitor and we are not even told what the source reveals.

But for the views of London (Ewan Mulligan’s scintillating outdoors camerawork), there is literally nothing to talk about this film. No performance stands out, the script and direction are astoundingly amateurish, and it all seems a waste of resources.

In fact, the biggest suspense about the film is how it was shot post-Covid so extensively in London.  And the biggest secret that the world will never know is what the film was trying to say. But the film is set entirely in London, and as a certain group of people are telling us, the city is “Confidential.” Maybe that explains it.

Rating: Ahhhhh…..that’s Confidential too, you know!

Produced by: Mohit Chhabra & Ajay Rai

Directed by: Kanwal Sethi

Written by: S. Hussain Zaidi, Akshay Singh & Prateek Payodhi

Music: Ravi Singhal

Starring: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa, Sagar Arya, Pravessh Rana, Jas Binag, Diljohn Singh, Kiren Jogi, Roxane Cabassut, Mohan Kapoor, David Yu, Winnie Wong, Tau Guo and Sp. App.: Sharad Kelkar 

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