Film: Meeruthiya Gangsters

Label: Zee Music

Music: Siddhant Madhava and Vivek Kar

Lyrics: Kumaar, K. Juneja and Arafat Mehmood

The lead and title-track is as noisy as it is (perceived to be) trendy, and the songs with Zubeen Garg and Dev Negi go about their business in as rock-ous and raucous a mode as possible. Kumaar, as is his custom, tries to be smart in his lyrics. This is the only song composed by Vivek Kar, and its ‘Bonus Track’ version by Negi alone is best ignored.

The rest of the tracks are scored by Siddhant Madhav. The album perks up with Divya Kumar’s animated “Babaji Ka Ghanta,” in which the singer and the lyrics (K. Juneja) are quite amusing. Mika, surprisingly, impresses in “Mastam Mastam” with his restrained rendition despite the lightness of the track — maybe this was the music director’s brief, but it lends respectability to the fun song, again written by K. Juneja.

The duet “Hum Toh Jeete Hain” (sung by Madhav with Pawni A. Pandey) does not evoke the same sentiments, as it could have been restrained, too, in a way. “Naina Tose Laage” (male version by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and female by Pawni A. Pandey) is pleasant in a low-key way and seems structured to Khan’s style. And it is Khan who gives it his oh-so-same monotonous touch that makes the song sound oh-so-heard-before. Pandey cannot rescue the female version, though she makes the effort.

Wish music makers stopped being awed by the status of the singers and instead stayed true to their art.

Rating: 2/5

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