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Meera Deosthale with her mother. (Publicity photo)

MUMBAI — Mother: the words define our existence. Our life is what our mothers make of it. They are our guiding force. Without our mothers, we are nothing. Since our childhood, she guides us through everything that helps us learn and grow in our lives. Celebrities share their fondest memories spent with their mother as a child.

Meera Deosthale

“When in school, I used to participate in all kinds of competitions. My mother would prep me up for everything, train me and I used to come back with trophies. Whenever I used to misbehave or make any mistakes, no one was allowed to scold me or raise a voice except my mother. She would teach me a lesson in her own sweet way.”

Sidharrth Sipani

“As a child, I wanted a toy that was very expensive, but we couldn’t afford it back then. But being a stubborn kid I asked mom to get me that toy. So, mom had to ask dad to get the toy. I remember waiting for my mom to come back from the market and was happy when she got me the gift. But after growing up I realized my mistake.”

Priyamvada Kant

“As a child, my mom used to keep me busy with paints and brushes, while she would be working on her huge sculptures. I also fondly remember her teaching me dance and helping me with all school plays and functions.”

Nibeditaa Paal

“I am family oriented and share close bonds with my mother from the beginning. I remember as a kid we had gone to Rotorua together and on many such vacations to New Zealand. We had so much fun every time. I don’t think any gift can suffice or match her value! But she is a foodie like me. I would love to cook some good food for her this Mother’s Day.”

Sneh Binny

“Mom is super funny, she doesn’t know what she says at times and she forgets what she kept where. And the entire family is always looking for things around the house whenever she can’t find something and then we all end up laughing about it, because most of the time she ends up keeping it in the wrong place. She’s super cute.”

 Anupama Solanki

“The fondest memory from my childhood is that one day my mother suddenly came to my school and I was not in my classroom at that time and she started looking for me. Unfortunately, she found me on stage practicing dance and she scolded me and my dance teacher as well.”

Anjali Phougat

“I am so blessed to have two mothers—one gave me birth and the other loves me just like her own daughter. Both my mother and mother-in-law are an inspiration to me, both have supported me unconditionally. I am in an inter-caste marriage and I feel liked to have a mother-in-law who always loved me like her own daughter. She is a strong woman and always supported my passion. Since I am a mother now, I understand the contribution of our mothers in our lives. It’s true that you understand mothers’ love more when you become a mother.”

Hasan Zaidi

“There are too many memories to choose from, but yes, mom used to drive the car really fast. Her unconditional love is what I am blessed with in my life. Ammi is a favourite with everyone. I’m the luckiest to have her.”

Prajwal Gupta

“Once I went to the dam with my friends without telling my parents. When they tried to find me everywhere and could not, they filed a missing report. When I returned, my mother was furious and did beat me, but she was full of tears too. That day I understood her love and my mistake. I don’t know what I get for the woman who has given me so much. I am planning to buy a house in Mumbai on my mother’s name. I know both my parents would be super excited when that happens.”

Rahul Bhatia

“My mother always supported my talent and dream of becoming an artiste, while my father, being a businessman, was strictly against my inclination towards art. My mom gave me Rs 3300 without telling me so that I could enroll in Shiamak Davar’s classes, where I started my journey. I’m truly blessed that my mom supported me that day. I wanted to buy her a Mercedes but I am not sure if it will be possible this year.”

Hrishikesh Pandey

“The one gift I wanted to give her is the pair of gold bangles of a particular kind that she wanted for herself. I wanted to give it to her just before this lockdown but those bangles were not ready. But then finally we got it sometime back and she loved it.”  

Mohit Daga

“I remember that mom used to bribe us by saying that ‘Learn this shloka, and then I’ll give you Rs 5 for ice cream’. She wanted to make us devotional towards our religion and our Guruji.”

Shubhashish Jha

“My mother is a very strong-willed person and I have imbibed her sense of discipline and self-belief. She has always guided me and the best advice that I have received from her is to stay grounded and composed, irrespective of the changes that might occur in life and I often reflect upon this. She rarely asks for anything, that’s why during our conversations I take note of things that she might mention which could be of her interest. At times if I get her a particular gadget, I make sure I get things set up and help her understand how to use it. Being not so tech-savvy, she is often reluctant to learn, and I find this very cute.”

Sayantani Ghosh

“Since I was a little girl, my mother has always taught me a sense of independence, which has made me a very independent and strong woman of today's time. I don't believe in celebrating any occasion for a day, other than birthdays. I believe in making people feel special throughout the year by doing little-little things for them and stay connected. My mother was my first best friend while growing up and is still my Ludo partner. She is very forgiving and always tends to look at the brighter side of things, and the credit for my compassionate nature goes to her.”

Yukti Kapoor

“I believe every child is close to their mother, especially girls. My mother is a beautician by profession, and I have learnt a lot from her. The best advice that I have received from my mother is that we are in this world for a short time, and we should decide ourselves to spend it happily or by being sad. She always forgives everyone quickly, and I have imbibed this quality from her. I have learned that we should face life fearlessly and strongly, and with a wide smile irrespective of the situation.”

Megha Chakraborty

“From making me understand the value and importance of a family to help me believe in that institution, my mother has taught me all. I strongly feel we should celebrate Mother's Day every day and make her feel special daily. My mother has always advised me to be very respectful towards elders and be honest with work. She has instilled in me the idea of standing up against any injustice happening around, especially with animals. She has made countless sacrifices, and I can't thank her enough for it. My mother runs a small NGO back in Kolkata and very actively looks after and takes care of the strays.”

Nitin Kumar Gupta

“My mother is a businesswoman and a homemaker. She taught me that empathy, honesty, and perseverance are the three things that can make one successful in any aspect of life. She also teaches me to always spread joy. My trips to Thailand with my mom are most memorable. We as a family spent weeks doing nothing except going to the beach, swimming and sipping on coconuts under the umbrella, without a care in the world. I would love to gift her countless more lazy carefree moments like these.”

Chandni Soni

“The most important thing my mother has taught me is to believe in myself. She gave me the strength and courage to dream big and instead of telling me to shatter the glass ceiling, she told me that there is no glass ceiling for me and that I can achieve anything in the world with my hard work and perseverance. It’s because of that self-belief that she instilled in me that a small town girl like me could imagine of making it big in the entertainment industry. On Mother’s Day, I would like to thank my mother for believing in me and giving me the wings to fly.”

Amit Mishra

“Mothers are so important that they are even compared to God. My mom is my first teacher and I have learned many things from her, but the most valuable things I learned from her is to never give up. I have always seen her calm even in situations where a person might lose his or her cool. This Mother’s Day, I want to tell her that whatever teachings I have learned from her I have spent it in the welfare of society.”

Jasmin Bhasin

“My mother has taught me a lot of things but the three most important ones are love, empathy and a never-give-up attitude. My fondest memory with her is that as a child I was afraid to cross a lane on the way to the gurudwara because a boy would harass me. She told me to teach that boy a lesson so that he stops intimidating me. And it became a life lesson for me.”

Rajit Dev

“The good thing I’ve learnt from my mother is to never give up and be patient. She’s been a fighter throughout. I want to tell her that she’s the most special person in my life and I’m thankful to her for giving me the right knowledge and motivating me to be the person who I am. Words can't describe the way I love my mother.”

Ajay Kumar Singh

“Whenever you get hurt the first thing that comes out from your mouth is “Maa.” For me, my mother is my god, and there is nothing more important than her in my life. Her love is pure and selfless. She understands everything that is going inside her child without even them telling it. Life is nothing without a mother. My mother has taught me that everything happens on the right time and to never lose patience.”

Delnaaz Irani

“One thing that I have learned from my mother is discipline and to keep a very positive attitude and that has always been my mother’s strength. She is a fighter, a strong woman, and she knows how to handle every situation with a smile. Her jest and her attitude for life are amazing. She is 78 now, but she wakes up early in the morning and goes to the gym. She leads a very disciplined life.”

Mrunal Jain

“My mom has taught me to be positive in life and that after every rejection you should understand that there is something better coming in your life and never give up on your dreams. This and every Mother’s Day I tell her that I love her a lot.”

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